The Brain Tumor Center

    Washington University School of Medicine - Siteman Cancer Center

    Department of Neurological Surgery


    Glioblastoma is the most common malignant primary brain tumor in adults. Despite aggressive surgical resection, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, this disease remains challenging with no cure. We are interested in the molecular mechanisms that control key features of glioblastoma biology. The long-term goal of my laboratory is to leverage these insights for the rational design of novel strategies against this formidable disease.


    In addition to malignant disease, there is increasing recognition that even benign brain tumors, like meningiomas, pituitary adenomas (also PitNETs), and vestibular schwannomas, can exhibit aggressive behavior and significantly impact the lives of patients. We are thus motivated to identify and understand the features of these brain tumors that might predict aggressive growth and also be targeted therapeutically.

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    Our laboratory is interested in developing new strategies to accurately profile patient tumors, including multisector and region-specific approaches, utilizing single cell techniques. We are also focused on establishing innovative model systems using canonical tumor mutations.

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    Therapy resistance is predominantly defined by epigenetic changes in tumor cells. Glioblastoma stem-like cells represent a dynamic and treatment-resistant cell state influenced by cell-intrinsic and -extrinsic cues. Our laboratory is interested in finding ways to disrupt the epigenetic state that defines these tumor-initiating cells. We are pursuing a variety of approaches, including high-throughput screening, pharmacology, biochemistry, genetics, and material engineering, to accomplish this goal.

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    Cancer cells exhibit a dependency on metabolic pathways regulated by nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which has a well-known role in oxidation-reduction reactions and is an essential component of signaling pathways as a co-factor for NAD+-dependent enzymes. The rate-limiting enzyme in NAD+ synthesis, NAMPT, is highly expressed in glioblastoma tumors. How the regulation of this enzyme interfaces with NAD+-dependent signal transduction networks remains poorly understood in glioblastoma.

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    Laser therapy, also laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT), is a minimally invasive tool used by neurosurgeons to kill tumor cells. We have established a mouse laser therapy system to examine the ability of LITT to locally disrupt the blood-brain barrier to augment drug delivery. We are particularly interested in how LITT changes the tumor immune microenvironment.

  • Our Team

    The Kim Lab is committed to supporting diversity of background, thought, and ability. A diverse and inclusive team is a prerequisite for creativity, discovery, and innovation.

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    Albert H. Kim, MD, PhD

    Principal Investigator

    Director, The Brain Tumor Center

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    Diane Mao, MD

    Lab Manager

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    Loren Beck

    Lab Technician

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    Rajanikanth (Rajani) Vangipurapu

    Staff Scientist

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    Rowland Han, MD

    Post-doctoral Fellow

    Neurosurgical resident

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    Hao Chen

    Post-doctoral Fellow

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    Yiwei Fu, MD

    Post-doctoral Fellow

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    David Giles

    Post-doctoral Fellow

     Neurosurgical resident

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    Patrick DeSouza

    MD-PhD Student

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    David Mok

    Bioinformatics Scientist

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    Sangami Pugazenthi

    Medical Student

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    Kyle McGeehan

    MD-PhD Student


    with Dr. Alex Stegh

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    Markus Anzaldua-Campos

    MD Student

    WashU School of Medicine

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    Will Leidig

    Undergraduate Student

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    Yoon Shin

    Undergraduate Student

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    Saara Engineer

    Undergraduate Student


  • Alumni

    Undergraduate Students

    Alice Turski (2012-2014). Received 2013 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship to work in my laboratory.

    John Finlay (Summer 2015).

    Simon Gunter (2015-2016).

    Ross Buchman (Summer 2019).

    Alicia Yang (2020-2022)

    Day Steed (Summer 2022)

    Braxton Sizemore (2021-2023)

    Andrew Hwang (2021-2024)


    Graduate Students

    Tatenda Mahlokozera (2020). PhD thesis, MD-PhD program.

    Patrick Desouza (2023). PhD thesis, MD-PhD program.

    Hao Chen (2023). PhD thesis, Neuroscience program.


    Medical Students

    Sam Sun (2013-2016). Received the Alpha Omega Alpha Award (2013) and American Brain Tumor Association Summer Fellowship (2014) to work in my lab.

    Ishita Chen (Summer 2013).

    Diane Aum (2014-2016). Received the David Silbert Summer Research Fellowship to work in my laboratory.

    Ramin Lalezari (2014-2016).

    David Dadey (2016-2017).

    Ioana Flores (2017).

    Mounica Pataru (2016-2019). Awarded a NREF Summer Research Fellowship.

    Rukayat Taiwo (2017-2019). Awarded a HHMI Medical Fellowship


    Post-doctoral Fellows

    Amit Gujar, PhD (2012-2017). Currently a Staff Scientist in Roel Verhaak Lab, Jackson Laboratories, CT.

    Peter Sylvester, MD (2013-2017). Resident in Neurological Surgery, Washington University.

    Ananth Vellimana, MD (2014-2018). Resident in Neurological Surgery, Washington University.

    Ashwin Kamath, MD (2014-2018). Resident in Neurological Surgery, Washington University.

    Zohny Zohny, MD (2014-2017). Currently a Fellow in Neurological Surgery, Saint Louis University.

    Thomas Beaumont, MD (2014-2016).

    Rory Murphy, MD (2013-2016).

    Santhi Pondugula, PhD (2014-2017).

    Brendan Fong, MD (2017-2019)

    Afshin Salehi, MD (2017-2020)

    Dan Hafez, MD, PhD (2019-2021)

    Devi Annamalai, PhD (2016-2020)

    Bhuvic Patel, MD (2019-2022)

    Satoka Shidoh (2021-2023)

    Rui Sun (2020-2023)

    Ryan Cleary (2021-2023)

    Timothy Woodiwiss (2022-2024)

  • Publications


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